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BuffetGo is able to offer 75-90% discounted prices as a result of making the food that’s left at the close of a restaurant’s buffet service available for purchase. As this is food that would normally be thrown in the bin, such a high price need not be charged, meaning we can bring you full meals for as little as 1$
Each year approximately 1.3 billion tons of perfectly safe food are thrown in the bin by restaurants across the USA. Rotting food is particularly dangerous for the environment as it emits methane, a pollutant 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide that contributes hugely to the greenhouse effect and climate change. Reducing food wastage directly decreases the quantity of food sent to landfill and therefore helps to save our planet.
BuffetGo partners with restaurants that offer all types of buffet cuisine, including Indian, Italian, Asian, Spanish, Scandinavian and many, many more. There are no limits to the type of cuisine available – as long as it’s on a buffet cart, it might be available through BuffetGo!
Many perceive leftover food to be unhealthy due to the stigma which has been attached to it by the world’s developed societies. However, buffet food available at closing time carries exactly the same sort of health risks as if it were available whilst the restaurant itself was open just ten minutes before. Ultimately, if a piece of food were dangerous to the customer, it wouldn’t be available on the buffet cart, and consequently it wouldn’t be available by BuffetGo either. So in short, eating the leftover buffet food is perfectly safe and is just as if you were eating buffet food during normal restaurant hours. Please note that if you’re planning on reheating your BuffetGo takeaway you should consult expert nutrionalist advice or official food safety guidelines.
With BuffetGo, you’ll find options to choose the date and type of service (if available, e.g. breakfast, lunch or dinner) available at the checkout. Simply select the desired choice and your email receipt will confirm the specified date and time of collection.
If you’ve accidentally deleted your email confirmation then you’ll need to contact us as soon as possible before your collection time. Email info@buffet-go.com
Sometimes our emails can be automatically filtered as spam, so you if you can’t see your order confirmation in your inbox then it’s likely it’s been sent to the ‘Spam’ or ‘Bin’ folder. However, if your order confirmation hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible on info@buffet-go.com
Each restaurant only has a certain quantity of portions available for order according to the quantity of food that they typically have remaining on a given day’s service. It is therefore highly unlikely that there will be no food remaining when you arrive at the restaurant to collect your meal. If, however, you arrive within the specified time frame and do find the food to have run out, then you can contact the team at info@buffet-go.com confirming your order number, date and time and specified restaurant and we will issue you a full refund.
As the time is clearly marked throughout the ordering and checkout process and also in the order confirmation email, BuffetGo are unable to offer you a refund if you arrive to the restaurant after the allotted time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive promptly and within the specified time frame to guarantee you are able to collect your food.
Due to BuffetGo’s unique concept, it is not possible to eat inside the restaurant. All food ordered through BuffetGo must be taken away from the restaurant’s premises.
We recommend that you take your own recyclable and/or reusable container to collect your food from the restaurant as this will further help to eliminate the unnecessary disposal of objects that are potentially harmful to the environment. However, if this is not possible, some restaurants may provide take-away boxes for you to collect your food, although this should not be presumed beforehand.
If you’ve got a question that still hasn’t been cleared up, you can send our friendly team an email at info@buffet-go.com