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End World Hunger

What is Food Poverty?

One billion people in the world are suffering from malnutrition. The rest of us waste around one third of all the food we produce. Where’s the sense in that?

The Food and Agriculture Organization estimate the US alone wastes 40% of its food. Yet in 2013, almost 15% of US households - that's 17.5 million households (or one in every seventh americans) - were classed as food insecure. 

As more food is wasted, more people are going hungry. This must change.

That’s why BuffetGo works with great charities and organization that are dedicated to giving the nation better access to food. We partner with organizations which help provide emergency resources for those who need it most.

We don’t think it’s right that people are going hungry when there’s more than enough to go around.

By ordering through BuffetGo. You can show your support for a fair, just and equal society. More equal society in which access to capital doesn't dictate a person's capacity to feed themselves. 

Join the revolution. 

Food and Agriculture Organization