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Combat Climate Change

Food Waste and Climate Change 

The impact that food waste has on our environment is colossal.

Our planet is warming at unprecedented rates. Whilst the media focus on heavy industry and automation as the main sources of pollution, the fact that 13% of all the US greenhouse gas emissions result from the food supply chain continues to be widely ignored.

What role does wasted food play within this? Arguably the most important. When sent to landfill, rotting food releases methane, an extremely damaging greenhouse gas that in the short-term is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Methane absorbs heat much more effectively than other greenhouse gases and contributes hugely to the heating of the planet. As temperatures rise, we are putting ourselves in more and more danger: it is accepted amongst scientists that an increase of just 2 °C could have disastrous consequences that might suddenly make many areas of the world we live in inhabitable.

By reducing the amount of food we needlessly send to landfill, we’re making a start to slowing down the increasing amounts of deadly greenhouse gases that are constantly being emitted into the atmosphere.

And it’s not just methane either. If we stopped throwing away edible food, we’d save carbon dioxide emissions that would equate to taking one in five cars off the road. Subtle adaptations like this will help ensure our planet is a safe place for our future and our children’s future.

But we can’t do it alone – we need your help.

By ordering via BuffetGo, you’re instantly diverting one delicious meal away from landfill and onto your plate. And we reckon it tastes even better when you know you’re doing your bit to help protect the planet.


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