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BuffetGO was conceived in Finland but took root and grew rapidly in Denmark. This revolutionary concept is now operating in 7 countries besides the US.  This one of a kind partnership provides restaurants with 100% profit margins while reducing food waste at the same time.  It is truly a win\win solution for addressing the food waste epidemic in the world. 


Reduce Food Waste

FAO estimated that each year one-third of all the food that is produced worldwide is wasted. That equates to 1.3 billion tons. This is 200 times the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In the US alone we waste 141 trillion Calories each year!

Combat Climate Change

What role does wasted food play within this? Arguably the most important. When sent to landfill, rotting food releases methane, an extremely damaging greenhouse gas that in the short-term is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

End World Hunger 

Recent research suggests 1 in 6 Americans struggle to provide themselves and their families with enough food to live. Yet, we waste around one-third of all the food we produce. Where’s the sense in that?


Restaurant Tutorial  

Restaurant managers have trouble estimating how much food is needed every day and because of this, tons of food are thrown out by the end of the night. With BuffetGO, restaurants can now sell that food instead of dumping it in the trash. 

 With your help:

On a daily basis, we prevent more than 240,000 portions of food from being sent to landfill worldwide by purchasing restaurants surplus food by the end of the day.  
This will help us avoid 1,700,000 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions each day and saving millions of dollars annually!
Become partner with BuffetGO today!
This proves your brand create fresh food every day, never recycling food.  
You will be recognized as a green restaurant chain and most important of all, we do all the work for you!  
one of a kind partnership that provides our partners with 100% profit margins while reducing food waste at the same time.  
To make it even easier for BuffetGO partners, our customer care team handles all aspects of the sale, from the payment to any customer service related issues.
Each meal bought through BuffetGO saves the planet 3 liters of petroleum emissions!  
Furthermore, your customer base will expand through exposure by BuffetGO 
We also carry the full legal responsibility:
We’re committed to an excellent cause and we want you to be too.