• Aug 16, 2016
  • Emil Lolby

BuffetGO.co is a revolutionary concept with a single objective: Reducing food waste in order to combat climate change. BuffetGO.co is excited to announce its new partnership with several Hilton Hotels. Hilton hotels are committed to being a green hotel group and are doing all they can to reduce their carbon footprint. BuffetGO patrons are able to purchase a meal from Hilton’s breakfast buffet though our website and pick it up 15 minutes before the buffet closes. This will help to reduce food waste, hunger and CO2 emissions. The program is selling food that normally would have been discarded as waste at the end of the day. Furthermore, this provides the Hotel with a new source of income. BuffetGO.co is the only concept in the world that offers its partners 100% profit with no cost to them. BuffetGO.co recently made it's headquarters in Woodland Hills, California and maintains operations in 7 countries beside the U.S.

On a daily basis we prevent more than 240,000 meals of food from being sent to landfills worldwide. The process is simple, our customers purchase the food online and it is their responsibility to be at the location 15 minutes before the hotel closes the buffet. BuffetGO customers know that there is no guarantee for what food remains at the buffet. BuffetGO customers pick up the delicious buffet meal straight from the open buffet as a take out customer. The only thing the restaurant has to do is confirm an email receipt that the BuffetGO customer will show upon arrival to the location. BuffetGO handles payment, marketing and customer service related issues making it seamless for the hotel / restaurant.

This concept is revolutionary and beneficial for all parties involved which in this case are the consumers, businesses and more importantly the environment. Americans throw away nearly half their food, amounting to $165 billion wasted annually and tons of methane gas being released into the air. This results in higher amounts of air pollution than cars, trains and airplanes combined! At BuffetGO we believe that our concept is the first step in helping reduce that number, feeding people in the process. BuffetGO donates 20% of all revenue to the World Food Programme (The world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger).

In the end, BuffetGO has a goal and that is to combat climate change while at the same time adding to the Hilton's image as a environmentally conscious brand. From now on the Hilton Hotel will be recognized as a green hotel chain and will receive our "fresh food certificate” so everyone will know that the Hilton Hotel creates fresh food daily. This will certainly send out the signal that the Hilton is on the right path when it comes to combating the food waste epidimic which will appeal to environmentally conscious customers. Each Portion sold though BuffetGO.co saves the environment 3-6 liters of petroleum. BuffetGO.co customers come from a middle or higher social class since they will need a smartphone and payment card to purchase the food online. Hilton will even add savings to its bottom line in waste management since BuffetGO.co now purchases all the food that is left in the Buffet each and everyday. BuffetGO.co only collaborates with innovative and eco-friendly Hotels and restaurants that create fresh food on a daily basis. Partnering with BuffetGO will be another quality mark for your business. BuffetGO.co has an exellent cause and we are excited to share this vision with the Hilton Hotel group.

Recent research suggests 1 in 6 Americans struggle to provide themselves and their families with enough food to live. We waste around one-third of all the food we produce while humans starve to death in other countries. Where’s the sense in that?”

Emil Rosengren Lolby, BuffetGO International, CEO