BuffetGO - Rescue a meal, get a deal, and help protect our planet!

How logo Works

BuffetGO allows you to purchase takeout meals from local restaurants with discounts of up to 90% OFF!

We have a mission and that is to tackle a serious problem. Roughly 86 billion pounds of food is wasted here in the U.S. year after year.

The decomposition of uneaten food accounts for 23 percent of all methane (a greenhouse gas at least 25 times more powerful in global warming as carbon dioxide.) emissions in America.

BuffetGO is part of a solution. We partner with restaurants to allow our customers to purchase their unsold fresh food before they close at massive discounts and takeout. Rescue a meal and get an amazing deal.

Help us protect the planet, one meal at a time. Here is how: 🍴



Locate a local restaurant that is participating via mobile app or our website and purchase a meal voucher.


Pick Up

Arrive at the restaurant during the designated pickup time, present your meal voucher via mobile app or email, grab your to go box and fill up!



Enjoy your takeout knowing you're helping protect our planet with no damage done to your wallet!

Food For Thought!


Huge Savings

Did we mention that our meals are up to 90% off?


Explore New Eats

Has paying full price stopped you from trying new restaurants? Here’s your chance to be a foodie.


Make a Difference

Enjoy your meal knowing that BuffetGO will fight hunger through our donations once we’re sustainable.

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