BuffetGO tackles climate change and world hunger by making our participating restaurant's end of day food available in the last opening hour to our customers at massively discounted prices. 

How does it work? Easy! Just show the email receipt from BuffetGO when you arrive to the restaurant. You receive a takeaway box to fill up with all the food you desire from the open buffet! Remember the pickup time!


How BuffetGO Works

  • Order

    Search your postcode to find buffets near you at up to 90% discount prices

  • Collect

    Take your order confirmation along to the restaurant and remember the pickup time

  • Eat

    Tuck into your meal knowing you’ve grabbed a bargain and helped the environment

Our Goals

Reduce food waste

US restaurants waste over 61,000 tons of food every single day, whilst as a nation we throw away over 33 million tons each year… (more)

Combat Climate Change

Food that rots in landfill releases methane – a damaging greenhouse gas that’s 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide… (more)

End World Hunger

Recent research suggests 1 in 6 Americans struggle to provide themselves and their families with enough food to live… (more)